Good Idea's I've come across...

Sometimes as I stalk my way through blogland... You come across something that almost stops you in your tracks. As in my jaw drops open and I say aloud... "Genius! This is Genius!" then I save it in a little file tucked away on my computer. Well now, I want to share them. So this page is dedicated to those. I've found some good ones over time and continue to find them so stay tuned and enjoy. 

I stumbled upon this blog one day, don't remember how. They have alot of different tutorials that are fun to browse through. Well. This one is pure genius. Many of you have seen this bedspread at Anthropologie

(image from Anthhopologie )

It is way cute and looks so comfy. The price however? not so comfy.
Well. Check this Yo.

Yes. The girls at kojodesigns figured it out. They are masters I say. Click Here to read the step by step tutorial. I dare someone else to try it and let me know how it goes.

Hope you enjoyed this!