About Me

Hello,  My name is Shelbie and this is my blog about anything that has to do with making a house feel more like a home. I am 25 and married to my best friend who helps me accomplish the crazy idea's I get in this head of mine.  I love to find great pieces of furniture or anything old that, with a little time and effort can become Lovely Again.   Most of the furniture I show on here is for sale, and the future furniture will eventually be for sale once it has had it's makeover.  I am constantly on the look for anything vintage and if I don't have a place for it in my home, maybe it would look good in yours. Feel free to browse around my blog and see  some cool items that may be for sale or just get some good inspiration. Slowly we are fixing up our house so occasionally I show the progress there too.  Something new I will be showing is Good ideas that I find that others have come up with out in blogland. So thanks for checking out my blog, and don't forget to check out the other incredible blogs I have on my bloglist. You won't be sorry!